UpCloud 綁信用卡送$25刀的真相 , 勿中伏~

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看到loc有人說UpCloud 綁信用卡送$25 credit

自己就去試試了 , 綁禮品卡 , 不怕它亂扣錢~


他說24小時 , 但也相當快收到信 , 約5分鐘收到了

它沒有送25刀 , 你的帳戶只是試用 , 你需要充值10刀,他再送多10刀給你 , 再加他帳戶上的5.61 , 加起來才25刀

所以這不是送 , 你是需要付出10刀來”激活”帳戶~


Please note that your account is currently in trial mode, but all restrictions can easily be lifted by making a one-time transfer of $10 or more by visiting My Account -> Billing in your control panel. We will also give you an additional $10 on your first deposit!


條款 :

The trial mode restrictions are as following:

* Cloud servers can only be accessed using SSH, RDP, HTTP or HTTPS protocols
* Cloud servers are not allowed to send outgoing e-mails or to create outbound SSH/RDP connections
* The internet connection is restricted to 100 Mbps (compared to 500 Mbps for non-trial accounts)
* After your 72 hours free trial, your services will be deleted unless you make a one-time deposit of $10


看到這里可以散了~ 😆 


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